I founded and run Unlisted, an app that provides private phone numbers to small businesses, online sellers/posters, those on the dating scene, and anyone else looking to keep their phone number private.

Freelance iOS Developer for Hire

I am also a freelance consultant for other companies. I help them build their own mobile apps, whether from scratch or an existing version. Sometimes this is for a large company to augment their existing team, but it is often for small companies without their own mobile engineering capabilities.


I hold a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley but am a self-taught developer. I have lived in Berlin since 2014 but am heading back to California in January 2020.

Apps I've Built

In my years as an iOS developer, I have worked on some great apps in San Francisco and Berlin. Some of these apps were featured in Apple's WWDC keynote, regularly ranked in the Top 50, or were featured by Apple in the Apps of the Week or Best New Apps categories.

These apps were all built in Objective-C and Swift. Several of these apps also involved Ruby on Rails backend work. You can find some recommendations given to me for this work on my LinkedIn profile.

Please note: With the exception of Unlisted, which I own and run, I am no longer involved in the active development or maintenance of these apps, since they belong to previous employers or clients. All intellectual property rights remain with the apps' respective owners.